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“There is a part of us which is inside and expands into the depths of the universe. We are all spiritually connected to this universal reality. We often forget how to see it and to see it. But we all have this universality and brotherhood and knowing. These masks express that wholeness and knowing. Each mask embodies the spirit of that person. When we take time to contemplate, the Mana - the depth of that person's soul - comes forth.

Most often people have asked me why I do not open the eyes - but if we really experience oneness, wholeness and communion with a higher order, we often have that experience through other eyes which see more clearly, perceptively and more deeply than any visual/visible eye. This is the eye I am seeking.

Inside Eye

Inside I

I hope you can see the inside of these people through their masks.”


* * *


The first step is to simply close your eyes and relax--











Almost done now...

After about five minutes, the plaster has set and is solid enough to come off.

With Beverly's help, you put your hands on the mask, slowly sit up and let the mask loosen from your face and drop onto your hands.





Then a little clean-up and...




Many different colors and glazes are possible for your mask.

She often fires them in the Raku process, which creates iridescent colors and hues. Masks can also be left natural or clear-glazed.

Beverly returns with the plaster mold to her studio where she puts clay in the mold to make the mask, dries it, fires it, then glazes and re-fires it to produce the completed mask.





If you wish to contact Beverly
for your Life Mask, please call or write:

Beverly Toyu
18080 Neck Road, Dayton, Oregon 97114
(503) 864-2006
Email: toyu.ceramics@onlinemac.com

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